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Ruth Hurd


The sky was easy: first the sunset glow and then the blue and purple. Once dry, I added the trees, one at a time ... it took four hours. The the darker ground at the bottom, so the trees weren't just floating. It's a beautiful, bare winter scene without the snow ... straight from my memory. $460

Kruger Evening

Kruger National Park in South Africa during the dry season with the sun going down behind a small lake. It was really peaceful, especially if you ignored (and didn't paint) the adolescent hippos challenging each other in the water, the alligators on the near shore, and the many different birds. Africa was otherworldly beautiful and the colors kept changing. $650

Chobe Evening

Sunset in the Chobe National Park in Botswana was really special. We sorta ignored the monkey that wanted to grab our snacks before we got to them (and would have carried off our cameras if we'd let him), but the sunset and the overall atmosphere could not be ignored. Magnificent. Almost otherworldly. I will never forget it. $600

Lago Del Toro

Patagonia in the lake region of Argentina is spectacular. The cloud formations beyond spectacular. 2019 Acrylic on raw canvas 18x29 $460

Silent Passage

From my memory from a recent trip to the Canadian Rockies. We were on an open air van looking up at the tops of the hills and the sky above it. I wanted to do something with the complementary colors of blue and orange. It was peaceful and quiet. 2019 Acrylic on raw canvas 24x18 $460

Falling Tree

There's a looong story behind why the trees are curved (and the title) involving a dark line/flaw in the canvas visible only after I initially wet the canvas. Anyway, the final result is good. Just hope I never have to cope with that again. 2018 Acrylic on raw canvas 24x18 $460

Murmur of Silence

I just had a fleeting glimpse of the river, the trees and the mountains behind but it was inspiring. My Canadian Rockies trip may never leave me. 2018 Acrylic on raw canvas 18x29 $460

Beyond Silence

Bow Valley Park, Alberta, Canada, near where I was born. Very smoky due to the BC forest fires. Nothing was moving. Quiet. Peaceful. Timeless. 2018 Acrylic on raw canvas 18x29 $460


I started painting this with the gold on the bottom. It was going to be called "Fields of Gold." However, once I realized it worked much better with the gold on top, I decided to just call it Gold. I wanted to escape my typical colors and go with the complementary colors of yellow and purple. So what started as an exercise ended up as a real painting. Sometimes you have to abandon your own judgements and let the painting tell you what works. 2018 Acrylic on raw canvas 20x16 $350


This was my first painting done using acrylic, thinned with water and with a little soap added for absorption, on raw canvas. I really like the atmospheric effect. 2018 Acrylic on raw canvas 8x11 $150

Memory of Merced

The Inn at Yosemite, the sunlight, the hummingbirds and the wonderful breakfasts. Good memories. 2017 Acrylic on paper 18x24 $460

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