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The Veiled Narrative: Stories Hidden in Hued Washes and Strokes

Greetings, fellow artists,

My paintings serve as tales woven with hues and tones rather than words. For twenty years, I've navigated the diverse realms of abstract, landscape, and figurative art, each a distinct narrative in the anthology of my craft, my journey through paint, paper, and canvas.

Every water-media painting I paint is a journey: a journey filled with an undercurrent of desire, a string of challenges, and the ultimate climax, which I can only hope turns out as a captivating artwork. Today, as a part of the 1100 Watercolor Society based in the bustling heart of New York City, I am thrilled to invite you to be part of our shared narrative of passion, artistry, and growth.

Just as a well-crafted story is built on more than just a sequence of events, the 1100 Watercolor Society goes beyond being a platform for artists. We are a community, a vibrant collective where desire fuels creation, obstacles catalyze evolution, and the ultimate climax is the unending pursuit of artistic growth and visibility.

The inception of a piece of art isn't an arbitrary moment. It is born from the artist's profound desire to communicate, to share something meaningful, and an obsessive focus on process and product. This desire propels the artist's narrative, creates momentum, and culminates in an absolute masterpiece. (At least for a short moment, before the dark clouds of reflection creep in.)

But the artist's journey doesn't end at the edges of the canvas. It takes a turn: the complexities of showcasing, selling, and marketing the art. This part of the journey may seem daunting, even overwhelming. It has been for me. However, these challenges create tension and discomfort and are often a 'dark night of the soul.' But without discomfort, we cannot grow. That's just an inviolable human truth.

The 1100 Watercolor Society serves as a beacon through this night. We support each other in navigating these challenges of our exhibitions, workshops, and sessions. We, as artists, dig deep and choose a new course of action. We learn, adapt, and evolve to ensure our art finds the recognition it deserves.

And as we navigate this journey together, we'll find our personal moment of truth. If we succeed, our paintings will touch our community's hearts, winning the recognition they merit and enriching the lives of those who purchase them. This satisfaction could be as profound as the pride in selling a painting or as simple as an appreciative nod from a fellow artist.

At the 1100 Watercolor Society, we are committed to ensuring this journey is as enriching as it is exciting and as satisfying as it is soul-stirring.

Thank you for reading first post. And if you're interested in learning more, in buying our members brilliant work, or perhaps even joining our coll

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